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Creating Balance & Harmony in One's Personal Space

Now, more than ever, with so many of us spending additional time at home, creating and feeling beneficial energy within one's personal space is a priority!

This can be done with colour for example, or crystals and semi precious stones.

Placing naturally occurring crystals  like fluorite in the corner of your home office space helps you to  stay focused on work tasks when there is also a flurry of family activity in the background.

Citrine with its ability to attract abundance is  an excellent stone for the home office area.

Don't overlook the use of colour either - colours such as red and orange help stimulate energy so ideal if you are feeling sluggish.  One can even use pretty coloured bracelets or colourful scarves, either worn or draped over a chair or table. 

If you need some more ideas as to how to use colour and crystals to enhance your personal space, just email me at ''


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