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Gemstone Jewellery is in High Demand!

Did you know that since the current pandemic more and more people are buying gemstone jewellery?

Shoppers are looking for personal meaning jewellery with the long associated protection and healing attributes of each stone.

You probably already know  your birthstone and  the birthstone of the one you are shopping for, but if not, please look back to  my earlier blogs of February 18th of this year.

Birthstone jewellery makes a meaningful and memorable gift, whether it be a ne cklace, earrings or even a bracelet.

Remember, you don't have to just wear your birthstone but can pair it with other gems and stones that you feel drawn to - perhaps combine the stone matched to your zodiac sign with a stone for the month of your birth along with a color that is often found in your wardrobe.  Play around and have fun and if you have questions or need guidance on stones to select, feel free to email me at








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