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Crystals, Birthstones & their Sacred Meaning! Introduction!!

Hello Beautiful,

Who doesn't love a gemstone? 

Think of diamonds, rubies and sapphires; these are indeed precious stones.

But, equally valued are the semi-precious stones; think of jade, lapis, rose quartz to name a few.

While the aforementioned are prized as adornments, in many cultures they are recognized for their healing abilities.

The more you understand about crystals, the more helpful they will be.

Equally important is how you care for your crystals, remember they are powerful in their own right and should be treated with respect.

Taking time to cleanse your crystals is always important.  Crystals absorb and transmit energy so it is important to set up a regular schedule to cleanse your collection.  Some like to do this weekly, others monthly but do feel free to choose your own timeline.

While there are some crystals that are self cleansing, such as citrine, it is important to always cleanse your crystals upon acquiring them. As crystals absorb energy, they can hold on to vibrations from a previous owner and pass them on to you.

Crystals can be cleansed in moonlight or sunlight, running water and even salt water depending upon the type of crystal. And, there are certain crystals that have the ability to cleanse other crystals, carnelian for example.

Stay tuned to this blog for further crystal guidance and most of all, enjoy your journey!


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