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The Hamsa Hand Symbol

The Hamsa symbol is an open hand, often featuring an eye in the middle of the palm. It is an ancient symbol dating back nearly thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia). 

This ancient symbol is popularly used in jewelry and art to represent protection. However, there are more meanings and many regions who use the Hamsa symbol.

The Arabic meaning of the word hamsa is five and this number represents many associations adopted by various religions, including five fingers connected to the chakras, five senses and mudras, five pillars of Islam, and more.

The Hamsa symbol also represents the hand of God, and is believed to promote health, happiness, good luck and fortune. In large part, this is why the Hamsa symbol is so widely recognized and cherished as a symbol of protection.

There is also the ancient belief that wearing a Hamsa symbol will intercept negative or evil energy if negative or evil thoughts are projected at you.

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